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Grave Peril - Jim Butcher

Another decent Dresden Files novel, although like Fool Moon, this one didn't impress me as much as Storm Front did. The action and pacing were good, keeping the story moving along at a fair clip for the entire novel, which made the pages turn pretty quickly. This kind of story really appeals to me if done well, and Butcher has proven himself fairly adept at it - "it" being writing action-based, fast-moving stories which, although not exactly capital-L literature, have clearly been thought out well enough that they're internally consistent. Speaking of well thought out, some of my favourite scenes from this book were the magical tracking sequences, where Butcher delves into the mechanics of his magic system a little bit more than the previous books in the series. He also fleshes his vampires out, making them distinctly his own and providing Harry with both potential allies and legions of enemies. Enemies who will feature prominently into future novels, I'm sure.


Really, it was a pretty good book, except for the way the women were portrayed. It's not as if there weren't strong female characters, it's just that Harry couldn't come within fifty feet of any of them without Butcher giving us a full description of exactly how their apparel hugged the curves of their breasts. I appreciate that Harry really enjoys the female form, and so do I...but I get the picture, girls have boobies, now let's move on. There's even a moment in the final scenes of the novel when shit is really starting to hit the fan that a vampires full curves are described in the middle of an action sequence! Harry must really have some libido.


The book was good enough that I'm interested in continuing the series, but I hope this objectification of women thing is just a phase that Butcher moves beyond in successive novels.