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Knight of Shadows - Roger Zelazny

I had a hard time with this one.

It's not like I think the Merlin sequence of the Chronicles Of Amber is bad(although it's certainly not as good as the Corwin books), it's just that this book in particular struggled. It seemed like the Order vs. Chaos quest was rather forced, and because it occurred in this mysterious "land between Shadows" Zelazny felt it was acceptable to resort to deus ex machina at every turn to get Merlin out of the binds he was flung into. Frakir was made sentient(mostly to serve as a means of railroading Merlin)...and then reverted to being mindless again, once railroading no longer served the plot. The Logrus-ghost-Jurt sacrifices his life to save Merlin...for some reason(I thought he hated Merlin). There was a cool fencing scene in there, but ultimately this book falls way short of every previous book in the series.

I hope the last book is more like the majority of the series, and less like this one.