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Blood Of Dragons - Robin Hobb

This was a great book, which surprised me a bit, as The Rain Wild Chronicles was not, on the whole, my favourite Robin Hobb series. Okay, maybe the book being great didn't surprise me THAT much. This is Robin Hobb we're talking about here. I'm simply trying to illustrate the fact that although I enjoyed it on the whole, this was no Liveship Traders or Soldier's Son. The whole quartet had a bit of a YA feel to it(mostly teenage protagonists dealing with growing up, love triangles, ect.). I was also not a huge fan of the way the first and third books ended. They felt like they were originally intended to be longer, but were truncated by an editor or publishing house in order to turn what could have been a duology into a quartet. These relatively minor gripes aside, I was enjoying the series for the fact that it took an extremely in-depth look into the lives and habits of dragons, but was left with the nagging feeling that somehow, more could be done with this story.

And then this book came out.

Blood Of Dragons went there, and then some. Love triangles? Resolved. Land-bound dragons? Learned to fly, inside the first hundred or so pages, I believe. Magic city mysteries? Many of them were explained, although thankfully not all of them(she's gotta leave herself something to write the next series about!). Chalced? Dealt with. Hest? Meat. General lack of action in this series?

Dragons eating people.

I love that shit.