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Taltos - Steven Brust

I enjoyed this book, although probably not as much as I enjoyed the three previous ones (in publication order). The plot was a little thin, but that may partly have been because we already know from the previous novels that Vlad walks the Paths Of The Dead and comes out alive. The rest of the (pre-Paths) plot line sort of felt a bit contrived, as if Brust really just needed an excuse to get Vlad and Morrolan to the Paths Of The Dead so he could tell the story he wanted to tell.

Also, I felt like the action sequences weren't quite up to the high standard Brust had set with his three previous books. The details were a little skimpy at times, making the fight scenes seem rushed, which is quite the opposite from what I had come to expect out of this author.

I liked the three-stories-told-simultaneously format, though, especially the gradually doled-out portions of the ritual spell which winds up getting employed at the end of the story. This approach kept things interesting, and was a lot more engaging than having Vlad just bust out his witchcraft at the climax of the tale.